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Robin Williams Movies: Ranked from Worst to Best Top 12

Posted on 30 July 2018

Robin Williams Movies: Ranked from Worst to Best Top 12

The Hollywood fame actor and comedian, Robin Williams was born on 21st July 1951. And expired at the age of 63. He started his career as a stand-up comedian in Chicago. Williams has got the credit for the San Francisco’s comedy renaissance. Robin Williams Movies have successfully received positive critical acclamation and financial success as well. Robin had received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the year 1997. He has won many laurels throughout his career which include two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Emmy Awards, four Grammy Awards and seven Golden Globe Awards. The actor was known for improvisational skills. William gave roles of substance.


Robin Williams Movies List


12. License to Wed

Robin Williams Movies License to Wed

IMDb 5.3 / Release Date: 2007

Trailer / Director: Ken Kwapis

Its 12th in our list of Robin Williams Movies; The movie is of the romantic comedy genre. Robin plays the role of a Church’s minister who annoys the couple with his prenuptial course. The couple has to go through a series of tests to be eligible for the wedding. In a scene, the couple had to care robot babies. The scenes are added with humor every time. The film successfully grossed double its budget.

11. The Big White

Robin Williams Movies The Big White

IMDb 6.4 / Release Date: 2005

Trailer / Director: Mark Mylod

Its 11th in our list of Robin Williams Movies; This is a comedy genre film which stars Robin Williams as a Travel agent struggling to come over his bad financial condition. In the process, he discovers a frozen corpse which he plans to commit fraud.

10. Hook

Robin Williams Movies Hook

IMDb 6.7 / Release Date: 1991

Trailer / Director: Steven Spielberg

Its 10th in our list of Robin Williams Movies; This comedy adventure was directed by Steven Spielberg. Robin Williams was the lead Peter Pan who has to challenge the enemy Captain James Hook who kidnaps his kids when he goes out with the wife for charity dinner. A video game based on the film was also launched. The movie grossed over $300 million at the box office.

9. Patch Adams

Robin Williams Movies Patch Adams

IMDb 6.7 / Release Date: 1998

Trailer / Director: Tom Shadyac

Its 9th in our list of Robin Williams Movies; Robin Williams Movies of the semi-biographical genre include Patch Adams. The plot is of a heroic man, Hunter “Patch” Adams played by Robin who wishes to be a medical doctor so that he can help people. He ventures where there has been no doctor before, using humor and pathos. The film grossed over twice its budget and was critically appreciated. The film got two Golden Globe nomination including one for Best Actor.

8. Mrs. DoubtFire

Robin Williams Movies Mrs. DoubtFire

IMDb 6.9 / Release Date: 1993

Trailer / Director: Chris Columbus

Its 8th in our list of Robin Williams Movies; The movie was a huge success and the plot was adapted for movies in other countries. Robin Williams portrays a divorcee who disguises as a housekeeper and stays with his ex-wife to be in touch with his children, who are in his wife’s custody. The film was appreciated for its theme of family and impact of divorce. Robin Williams received the Golden Globe for Best Actor. The movie’s huge success can be known from its box office collection. It grossed over $441 million on a budget of $25 million.

7. Bicentennial Man

Robin Williams Movies Bicentennial Man

IMDb 6.9 / Release Date: 1999

Trailer / Director: Chris Columbus

Its 7th in our list of Robin Williams Movies; Bicentennial Man was a sci-fi comedy-drama movie and the plot is that an android develops emotions over time and endeavors to become human. Though the movie had a new concept and storyline, it was a box office flop. The movie didn’t even cover the budget with its box office collection. This is regarded as the major flop amongst the Robin Williams Movies.

6. Jumanji

Robin Williams Movies Jumanji

IMDb 6.9 / Release Date: 1995

Trailer / Director: Joe Johnston

Its 6th in our list of Robin Williams Movies; Who doesn’t know of Jumanji? This adventure family genre film got its sequel recently after the death of Robin Williams. The plot summary is that two kids come across an interesting board game and later discover that a man is trapped for decades in it. The perils arise which get over only when they finish the game. The film made $263 million on-screen collections on a budget of approximately $65 million. Robin plays the role of the man trapped in the board game. This is one of the Robin Williams Movies which was made into sequels but the saddest part remains the sequels were released after his death. A game was also made on the same theme. It was a 10th highest grossing film of 1995.

5. Good morning, Vietnam

Robin Williams Movies Good morning, Vietnam

IMDb 7.3 / Release Date: 1987

Trailer / Director: Barry Levinson

Its 5th in our list of Robin Williams Movies; This was an American comedy-drama film. Set during the Vietnam War, Good Morning Vietnam shows Robin Williams as a Radio Jockey who was extremely loved by the troops. Like other Robin Williams Movies, this was also a critical and commercial success.

4. The Fisher King

Robin Williams Movies The Fisher King

IMDb 7.6 / Release Date: 1991

Trailer / Director: Barry Levinson

Its 4th in our list of Robin Williams Movies; The movie was a blockbuster success. Robin William portrays a homeless man in search of the Holy Grail. Parry (Robin) is a victim of a terrible mistake by a former radio jockey. The RJ is reluctant to suicide but is saved by Parry. Robin Williams won the Golden Globe for his performance. He was also nominated for the Academy Awards.

3. Aladdin

Robin Williams Movies Aladdin

IMDb 8.0 / Release Date: 1992

Trailer / Directors: Ron Clements, John Musker

Its 3th in our list of Robin Williams Movies; The perfect love story of a street boy who falls in love with the princess Jasmine. He uses magic to make himself off a prince to marry the princes. Robin William plays the Genie. The movie was a historic success. It is one of the Robin Williams Movies which is of animated genre. The movie grossed over $504 million on a mere budget of $28 million, the movie won two Academy Awards and the movie was amongst few controversies too.

2. Dead Poets Society

Robin Williams Movies Dead Poets Society

IMDb 8.1 / Release Date: 1989

Trailer / Director: Peter Weir

Its 2th in our list of Robin Williams Movies; The American drama film gained much appreciation and was accoladed as well. One of the Robin Williams Movies which grossed high on box office. Deatd Poets Society was about an English teacher who inspires his students through a different perspective and new ways of imparting poetic knowledge. Williams also got an Academy Awards nomination for Best Actor in Leading Role.

1. Good Will Hunting

Robin Williams Movies Good Will Hunting

IMDb 8.3 / Release Date: 1997

Trailer / Director: Gus Van Sant

Its 1th in our list of Robin Williams Movies; Ranked 53rd in the Hollywood’s 100 Favourite films, Good Will Hunting is about a janitor who is gifted at mathematics. He needs direction in life and through his therapy sessions, he works on his relationships with others and himself further confronting the past and thoughts about future. This movie gave an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor to Robin Williams. Williams also won Screen Guild Award for the same category. The film grossed around $225 million over a budget of $10 million.


If you are a comedy genre and Robin Williams Movies fan, you need to consider these movies if you have missed them. There were almost three unreleased movies when Robin Williams died.


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