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Hunger Games Movies: The Best Hunger Games Movies of All Time

The first part of the Hunger Games Movies, is the ‘The Hunger Games’ which released in 2012, earned the biggest...

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Robin Williams Movies: Ranked from Worst to Best Top 12

The Hollywood fame actor and comedian, Robin Williams was born on 21st July 1951. And expired at the age of...

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Best HBO Movies of All Time IMDb Rank Top 10

HBO has become a staple of living rooms and Television screens around the world, hoisted by their strong offering of...

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New Comedy Movies of 2017-2019 | Top Upcoming New Comedies

Everybody needs a decent chuckle now and again. That is the point at which we go to see a decent...

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Christopher Nolan Movies: IMDb with an 7.2 or Higher Score

There are a few enchanting names of filming industry that echo as the name of Christopher Nolan movies. He is...

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Best Action Movies of All Time IMDb 7+

Looking for a best action movies to watch?  We have read hundreds and hundreds of reviews and spent many hours...

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