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Jim Carrey Movies: The Best Jim Carrey Movies

Posted on 02 September 2018

Jim Carrey Movies: The Best Jim Carrey Movies

James Eugene Carrey, popularly known as Jim Carrey was born on 17th January, 1962 in Ontario, Canada. He first gained popularity for his role In Living Color (1990) and is known worldwide for his slapstick performances. He is an American-Canadian screenwriter, comedian, musician, painter, producer and actor. Carrey’s leading roles in The Mask, Dumb and Dumber and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective gave him immense popularity as an actor. He received the Golden Globe for his stellar performances in The Man on the Moon and The Truman Show.

Some of the best Jim Carrey Movies are discussed below:

Jim Carrey Movies List

13. Dark Crimes

Jim Carrey Movies Dark Crimes

IMDb 4.8 / Release Date: 2016

Trailer / Director: Alexandros Avranas

Its 13th in our list of Jim Carrey Movies; Based on True Crime: A Postmodern Murder Mystery written by David Grann, revolves around the life of Krystian Bala, the murderer. Tadek, the detective follows up on this case and tries to figure out the similarities between a best-selling novel and a cold blooded murder. The film premiered at Warsaw Film Festival on October 12, 2016.

12. Dumb and Dumber To

Jim Carrey Movies Dumb and Dumber To

IMDb 5.6 / Release Date: 2014

Trailer / Directors: Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly

Its 12th in our list of Jim Carrey Movies; Produced by Universal Pictures, this a comedy film co-written and directed by Farrelly and Bobby. It is a sequel to 1994’s Dumb and Dumber which shows two dumb-witted well-mannered adults, Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas who went on a cross-country road trip to find Harry’s adopted daughter. It received unfavourable reviews and won the ‘Worst Male Images in a Movie’ by Women Film Critics Circle Awards in 2014.

11. The Cable Guy

Jim Carrey Movies The Cable Guy

IMDb 6.1 / Release Date: 1996

Trailer / Director: Ben Stiller

Its 11th in our list of Jim Carrey Movies; One of the underrated works of Carrey, this film garnered mixed reviews which was directed by Ben Stiller. An American comedy thriller drama, this movie deals with a depressed and lonely cable guy who seeded for a friend but his new friend, the designer rejected him with dire consequences.

10. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

Jim Carrey Movies Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

IMDb 6.3 / Release Date: 1995

Trailer / Director: Steve Oedekerk

Its 10th in our list of Jim Carrey Movies; One of the earliest Jim Carrey Movies, this film is a sequel to Ace Ventura: Pet Detective where Carrey is the protagonist ‘Ace Ventura’ who is an expert in retrieval of captive and tamed animals. An American comedy written and directed by Steve Oedekerk who is a character consultant and co-producer of the previous film.

9. The Number 23

Jim Carrey Movies The Number 23

IMDb 6.4 / Release Date: 2007

Trailer / Director: Joel Schumacher

Its 9th in our list of Jim Carrey Movies; Second pairing of Schumacher and Carrey among the Jim Carrey Movies, where the first one was Batman Forever. A psychological thriller written by Philips and directed by Schumacher, this movie shows the obsession of 23 enigmas in Carrey as he read a book once which mirrored his own life. The movie garnered $77.56 million worldwide after five weeks of its release. In the initial weekend, it was running in the second position but gradually the film gained acceptance and had a successful run at the box office.

8. Me, Myself and Irene

Jim Carrey Movies Me, Myself and Irene

IMDb 6.6 / Release Date: 2000

Trailer / Directors: Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly

Its 8th in our list of Jim Carrey Movies; The first 20th Century Fox Jim Carrey Movies, the dark comedy shows the life of a state trooper named Charlie who lived on the Rhode Island suffering from psychosis due to years of suppression of anger and emotions, that led to the formation of a split personality named Hank. The film opened to a raging weekend and faired very well on the box office of the release week but fizzled out due to unsatisfying plot. However, Carrey earned appreciation for his comic skills.

7. Bruce Almighty

Jim Carrey Movies Bruce Almighty

IMDb 6.7 / Release Date: 2003

Trailer / Director: Tom Shadyac

Its 7th in our list of Jim Carrey Movies; Another collaborative work of Shadyac and Carry, this fantasy comedy revolved around the life of Bruce Nolan, a TV reporter who complained to God for his bad luck, accused him of not doing his job properly and requested for permitting him to be God for one week. Critics gave mixed reviews, however, the film became the fifth grosser of 2003 and made it to the second position for Memorial Day opening weekend.

6. Yes Man

Jim Carrey Movies Yes Man

IMDb 6.8 / Release Date: 2008

Trailer / Director: Peyton Reed

Its 6th in our list of Jim Carrey Movies; Mixed review from critics, but a super-hit box office success, Yes Man garnered $223 million worldwide. A comedy film written by Stoller and directed by Reed, the protagonist challenges to his own self to reply “Yes” to every situation he faces for an entire year.

5. A Christmas Carol

Jim Carrey Movies A Christmas Carol

IMDb 6.8 / Release Date: 2009

Trailer / Director: Robert Zemeckis

Its 5th in our list of Jim Carrey Movies; The 3D animated motion-picture of the Jim Carrey Movies captures the dark fantasy where Carrey can be seen playing various roles and acing them from old aged man, to middle man and a young boy, including three ghosts. Produced by Walt Disney Pictures, it premiered in London and made a profit of $115 million.

4. Liar Liar

Jim Carrey Movies Liar Liar

IMDb 6.9 / Release Date: 1997

Trailer / Director: Tom Shadyac

Its 4th in our list of Jim Carrey Movies; One of the collaborative works among Jim Carrey Movies, this film is the second time collaborative work of Carrey and Shadyac. This fantasy comedy film earned the nomination of Best Actor (Comedy) for Jim Carrey. It revolved around the life of a lawyer who couldn’t lie for more than a day after he turned down his son for one last time and didn’t wish him on his birthday this time.

3. Man on the Moon

Jim Carrey Movies Man on the Moon

IMDb 7.4 / Release Date: 1999

Trailer / Director: Milos Forman

Its 3th in our list of Jim Carrey Movies; Jim Carrey received a Golden Globe in the category of Comedy/Musical for his outstanding performance in this film, even if the film received mixed reviews from the audience. This biographical comedy-cum-drama was commercially unsuccessful but Carrey portrayed the character of Kaufman beautifully. It showed how Kaufman got fame through television appearances and comedy clubs that were popular and earned him fame but brought enmity from his contemporaries. It gave us an inside tour of Kaufman’s life that included scams, jokes, put-ons and incidents with wrestler Jerry.

2. The Truman Show

Jim Carrey Movies The Truman Show

IMDb 8.1 / Release Date: 1998

Trailer / Director: Peter Weir

Its 2th in our list of Jim Carrey Movies; One of the best of Jim Carrey Movies, this movie got multiple nominations at the Academy Awards, Golden Globe, BAFTA and The Saturn Awards. Originally written as a speculative screenplay by Nicol, this satirical sci-fi film shows the life of Truman Burbank who was raised inside a simulated TV show adopted by the corporation which revolved around his life. On discovering it, Truman decides to run away from it.

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Jim Carrey Movies Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

IMDb 8.3 / Release Date: 2004

Trailer / Director: Michel Gondry

Its 1th in our list of Jim Carrey Movies; One of the greatest movies of 21st Century and critically acclaimed Jim Carrey Movies, this movie opened to $70 million worldwide collection earning Kate Winslet the nomination for Best Actress in the Academy Awards and an Academy Award for the Best Original Screenplay. The title of this film is inspired from Pope Alexander’s poem Eloisa to Abelard written in 1717. It is a romantic sci-fi movie written by Kaufman and directed by Gondry. The plot revolves around an estranged couple who had dated each other earlier but deleted their memories due to harsh maladjustments. However, they meet again and gets attracted to each other without realising their terrifying past.

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