Halloween Movies: Best Halloween Movies

Posted on 13 June 2019

Halloween Movies: Best Halloween Movies

It’s common in every American household when Halloween night is upon them, the children roam the streets to satisfy their sugar rush, and that’s not all, Halloween is also synonymous with horror. Who wouldn’t want to spend the night in front of the TV on the spookiest night of the year, munching on their hard-earned candies, put on some horror movies and see once for all, who among their friends and family is the most easily scared. Some folks love the old cult classics, some explore the new ones. One thing is for sure they make us sometimes close our eyes because the fear in our eyes will eat us alive or scream out the fear. The Horror genre is mixed, from ghosts who wants their revenge, mindless zombies who wants brains, killers who gets a rush putting their hands in the victim’s innards, or just blood suckers or psychological themes where we delve into the dark corners of the human mindor see the reel-life tales of people who truly encountered the paranormal in their real life. Whether you are horror movie cultist, or an amateur to this obscure genre, let me present to you some favorite movies collected and listed to help you explore and enjoy it the most. Here is the list:

Best Halloween movies:

14. Get Out (2017)

Halloween Movies Movie Get Out
This movie holds a special place in the industry, for its spectacular screenplay, which led to its writer and director Jordan Peele to be the first African American to be the recipient of Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. Get Out captured the horror about systemic racism in the community, against the liberal freedom of white people. The movie is a must watch for its intense scenes the actors pulls you into, exploring hypnotism to re-orient the mind and a deeper understanding into our reality. Get out

IMDb 7.7 / Release Date: 2018
Trailer / Director: Jordan Peele

13. Raw (2017)

Halloween Movies Movie Raw
If you ever wondered how weird is in a veterinary school in France, you will get a chance to see it purely. The movie is a strange mix of horror and disgust among those who are different. First you come as vegetarian and later you find out that you have a particular taste in meat. So try this not so scary but strange movie. Raw 2017

Trailer / Director: Julia Ducournau

12. Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

Halloween Movies Movie Taking of Deborah Logan
Paranormal Activity series may be the king of “found footage” style, But this is the true queen. Inspired on a true story Deborah Logan finds herself in a grip of man who murdered young women or girls as sacrifice to live forever. In the sight of the Serpent, she will try the same thing. Some are thinking there is involvement of the Devil for sure as for God has left her to suffer. Taking of Deborah Logan

IMDb 6.0 / Release Date: 2013
Trailer / Director: Adam Robitel

11. The mist (2007)

Halloween Movies Movie kmovie
Inspired by H.P Lovecraft and written by Stephen King. The Mist tells the story of townsfolk trying to survive the Lovecraftian horrors, but how can they escape or fight, when they cannot even see their monstrous adversary. This movie will have an emotional impact on you, which is something rare and beautiful to be found in this horror genre. You may or may not need a box of tissues. Watch it to find out. The mist (2007)

IMDb 7.2 / Release Date: 2007
Trailer / Director: Frank Darabont

10. The Human Centipede (2009- 2015)

Halloween Movies Movie The Human Centipede
Be warned, this movie is unexpected and bizarre, but it’s something you want to experience, to satisfy your curiosity based on the title alone. On how much a perverse mind of a surgeon can alter the basic functions, to use his knowledge, creating his abominations to life. This movie is not for the light stomached, if you are brave enough to get through these. Congrats, salutations for you are in order. The human centipede, The human centipede 2, The human centipede 3.
Scary movie 1, Scary movie 2, Scary movie 3, Scary movie 4, Scary movie 5 .

9. Jaws (1975-1987)

Halloween Movies Movie Jaws
This movie is the single most reason why many people (including me) have a great fear of sharks, you know it’s true. It’s a very nice try Discovery channel for showing us them as friendly, caring and lovely animals but i still believe they’re gonna come and get me. This movie taps into our fear of being hunted by nature, even though we’re on top of the food chain, they are always creatures of mother nature who use us as desserts.
Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 3D and Jaws: The revenge

8. Saw (2004-2017)

Halloween Movies Movie Saw
The Jigsaw killer, all he wants to do is play games, his subjects or victims are tasked in order to perceive their own weaknesses, whether their own moral shortcomings or our lives, to gain a new-found appreciation on life, to learn to respect their own lives. Originally a low budget horror film, it’s now one of horror’s biggest franchises. You’ll sure feel the pain and fear of his victims as you are the audience for his games throughout the entire series
Saw, Saw2, Saw3, Saw4, Saw5, Saw6, Saw3D and Jigsaw(2017)

7. Paranormal Activity (2007-2015)

Halloween Movies Movie Paranormal Activity
Made an impact due to its “found footage” style, Paranormal Activity franchise gives you the scares and the rising adrenaline due to the portrayal of the fear experienced by the people of how they were hauntedand tormented by the paranormal. You might even wonder what would you discover in your home if you set up cameras in your home as seen, who knows, it might be just a rat or even more? At any rate it’s best to take notes on the signs and steps to execute, from these movie franchise. Paranormal activity,
Paranormal activity 2, Paranormal activity 3, Paranormal activity 4, Paranormal activity: The marked ones and Paranormal activity: The Ghost dimension

6. Alien (1979-1997)

Halloween Movies Movie Alien
The franchise that placed the name Ridley Scott on our movies. When a spaceship discovers they are not the only one living species in the universe, the series follows the heroine Ellen Ripley and her crew as they are stranded in a vast endless space, there is no room for proper escape, for her sake and mankind’s she has to survive, as they set to realize humans may not be the most powerful beings in the universe. Praised for the Special Visual Effects which is ahead of it’s time, it’ll surely make your insides pop out in excitement without a doubt.
Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection

5. 28 Days Later (2002-2007)

Halloween Movies Movie 28 Days Later
A true re-invention of the modern zombie genre, set in London, we see how our society and economy would collapse as a viral outbreak spreads through the UK and Europe, and eventually the world, it’s like three George Romero (The Father of Zombie Cinema) movies, rolled into one.

We see how the hero comes to argue with his humanity and how hard it would be to kill someone who they care about. It’s scenes and its sequels are filled with blood and gore from slaughtering zombies to ensure survival. I’m sure we can pick up Zombie Apocalypse Survival 101 from these movies. 28 days later,  28 weeks later

4. Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Halloween Movies Movie Silence of the Lambs
“A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti”- Hannibal Lecter. How the face of Clarice suddenly gets all white and feared as she witnessed the true monster side. You’ll feel the true sociopathic mind of Lector when he Converses with Clarice and his attempts to break her mind with his all known psychiatric analysis, experience for yourself how his words and mask to suppress him sends chills to your consciousness. Silence of the lambs.

IMDb 8.6 / Release Date: 2013
Trailer / Director: Jonathan Demme

3. Halloween (1978-2018)

Halloween Movies Movie Halloween
Story of Michael Myers will be heard when he is coming running to murder you in cold blood. He murdered his sister when he was 6 years old. Surely this movie will freeze you to death upon his gaze of nothingness and the white mask without a face of remorse or sadness. When on Halloween night Michael shows his blade off and the music gets to you, the chills walk on you like ants. You know that you have chosen a great movie to watch.
Halloween, Halloween 2, Halloween 3, Halloween 4, Halloween 5, Halloween: The curse of Michael Myers, Halloween H20: 20 years later,Halloween: Resurrection, Halloween (2007), Halloween (2009) and Halloween (2018)

2. Dracula

Halloween Movies Movie Dracula
The most known vampire of all time is and will be Dracula. The legendary tale about him is set in Romania, as he was penned to our nightmares by Bram Stoker. The classic Dracula (1931) is one of the oldest vampire stories ever about Vlad the Impaler, who fought against the Turks, and in order to celebrate his victory, he drank his enemies blood with his meals, and that’s how the legend was born. If this old fashioned Dracula is too old try Dracula Untold.
Dracula (2012), Saint Dracula 3D, Dracula 3000, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Dracula (1979), Nosferatu and others.

1. Scary Movie (2000-2013)

Halloween Movies Movie Scary Movie
Ever wondered what would happen if all of your favorite horror movie franchises, all rolled into one? Well this franchise isn’t known for its jump scares, but for the satire it brings, troubling you for laughs, Clichés, over-enactments of iconic scenes from Scream, The Haunting, The Ring, War of the Worlds, Saw, Paranormal Activity to name a few. This is a perfect movie as a quick and funny refresher and reminder into all of horror’s big hits.


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